Hawaii is leading the nation in the effort to serve farm-fresh food in school lunches, according to research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Farm to School Network. And though those organizations have been dishing out kudos to Hawaii lawmakers in the new report, those integral in the effort are more focusedContinue reading “Farm-to….Everywhere”

Wastin’ Away: from grocery aisle to garbage pile

HAWAII — One-quarter of the food that is purchased in the state of Hawaii is wasted, according to a 2016 study. That’s an estimated 237,000 tons of food per year, which breaks down to 356 pounds of usable food wasted by every person living in the Aloha State every year. That is valued at aContinue reading “Wastin’ Away: from grocery aisle to garbage pile”

Jaro the worm guy

MOLOAA, KAUAI — Jaro Spichal says he’s in the business of multiplying microbes. But, the Moloaa man grows more than bacteria and fungus at his farm nestled in the midst of noni tree groves on Kauai’s East Side. Spichal is the owner of Kauai Worms and he’s on a mission to help the island’s farmersContinue reading “Jaro the worm guy”