Should You Juice Cleanse?

Juice Cleansing is still trending. Advocates say it is as a way to empty the body of toxins and perhaps shed a few pounds, as well as a way to rewire the tastebuds and bring ourselves back on track after hitting the buffet.

While there seem to be many benefits to cleansing the body, there are is a whirlwind of information and propoganda out there as well and sometimes it’s nice to get a little help with navigation.

Our digestive systems are constantly on the go; busy breaking down every meal and snack we eat during the day. We hardly realize it, but a large amount of our energy is used to digest and absorb the food we eat. What if there was a way to redirect that energy and use it do some repair work in our bodies – while giving the digestive system a little time to reset?

Juice fasting is a way to do exactly that.

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Diners ditch plastic

KALAHEO, KAUAI — Kris Ferguson, owner of the Kalaheo Cafe, said it is a challenge incorporating ocean-friendly practices into her restaurant, but she thinks it’s worth it. In fact, the restaurant hasn’t been using polystyrene take-out containers for nearly a decade.

“We feel like it’s important to do our part and take care of the environment,” Ferguson said. “It’s a work in progress.”

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Hawaii Food and Wine Festival

The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival attracts people from around the world to sample the Aloha State’s most delectable, but it’s the connections between chefs and farmers that keep the festival moving.

Every year foodies from across the country band together to create the fare and flair behind the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival. Tickets are currently on sale for this year’s festival on the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival website.

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Saimin Dojo on Kauai

Heavy wheat noodles, rich broth, smoke meat and fresh veggies come together as unique twists on Hawaii’s plantation era provisions at the Saimin Dojo, now open in Wailua on Kauai.

Located next to Food Land, the new noodle house’s menu offers saimin, barbecue sticks and plate lunches; all local-style in a sit-down restaurant. Prices range from $2.50 for one shitake barbecure stick to up to $13.50 for saimin.

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