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Island of Water buffalo

Don Heacock is a former aquatic biologist on the island of Kauai. He is also an advocate for sustainable agriculture, cultivator of yerba mate, and owner of water buffalo.

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Studying endangered seals

Researchers around the world are studying seal reproductive cycles to better understand the animals. Work ongoing in the UK could help inform studies in Hawaii and vice-versa.

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Kauai’s Koloa going strong

“We actually have a big reservoir of Koloa DNA on Kauai, and so it gives us a lot of hope for the recovery of the endangered Koloa across Hawaii.” - Kim Uyehara, biologist

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Peace, healing and Pepper Sauce

Shrin Hunt has a heart as sweet as her name and a fire as spicy as the pepper sauce she sells worldwide, made out of a special Hawaiian chili plant in her yard. Originally from Iran — “shirin” means “sweet” in Farsi — Hunt has been living on Kauai for more than 20 years and… Continue reading Peace, healing and Pepper Sauce