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2019: Southwest’s First HI Flight

Southwest's First Flight from Lihue to Honolulu landed November 10, 2019, opening up one of several inter-island flights with the carrier. More routes coming soon, they say.

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Hawaii’s Coral Pledge

Hawaii has announced it's newest tool in protecting coral reefs — a six-step pledge that aims to educate visitors and residents about real actions they can take to help preserve the reefs.

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Catching the world’s plastic

Skip Schaefer lives on Kauai and finds marine debris from different parts of the world on the shorelines near his home.

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Unpredictable could be the new norm in Hawaii

Researchers forecast more unpredictable rain, hurricanes and sea temps in Hawaii in a recent El Nino study.

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Peace, healing and Pepper Sauce

Shrin Hunt has a heart as sweet as her name and a fire as spicy as the pepper sauce she sells worldwide, made out of a special Hawaiian chili plant in her yard. Originally from Iran — “shirin” means “sweet” in Farsi — Hunt has been living on Kauai for more than 20 years and… Continue reading Peace, healing and Pepper Sauce