Pandemic Brings New Kind of Litter

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, masks and gloves have been piling up on roadsides - adding a new kind of litter to the existing smatter of food wrappings and cigarette butts.

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Studying endangered seals

Researchers around the world are studying seal reproductive cycles to better understand the animals. Work ongoing in the UK could help inform studies in Hawaii and vice-versa.

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Kauai’s Koloa going strong

“We actually have a big reservoir of Koloa DNA on Kauai, and so it gives us a lot of hope for the recovery of the endangered Koloa across Hawaii.” - Kim Uyehara, biologist

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Crumbling coastlines

Shorelines on Kauai are eroding in many places, and on the east side it's threatening a popular biking and walking path. It's a sign of a bigger, worldwide problem of sea level rise and coastal erosion.

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Rebuild of Ha’ena State Park

The state park at the end of the road on Kauai is a picture of the future. It has been remodeled with new boardwalks and cultural learning opportunities - and a local group has taken over most of the management.