Should You Juice Cleanse?

Juice Cleansing is still trending. Advocates say it is as a way to empty the body of toxins and perhaps shed a few pounds, as well as a way to rewire the tastebuds and bring ourselves back on track after hitting the buffet.

While there seem to be many benefits to cleansing the body, there are is a whirlwind of information and propoganda out there as well and sometimes it’s nice to get a little help with navigation.

Our digestive systems are constantly on the go; busy breaking down every meal and snack we eat during the day. We hardly realize it, but a large amount of our energy is used to digest and absorb the food we eat. What if there was a way to redirect that energy and use it do some repair work in our bodies – while giving the digestive system a little time to reset?

Juice fasting is a way to do exactly that.

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The Petrified Forest Loop in Theodore Roosevelt National Park offers views of the Badlands, wildlife and a forest of trees turned to stone.

Things to See

  • Petrified forest & Badlands scenery
  • Plains animals like bison and deer
  • Cactus and summer wildflowers

More Details

  • About a 16 mile drive into the South Unit of the park
  • Full hike is about 10 miles
  • Prepare to pay entrance fees
  • Classified moderate to strenuous
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Island of Water buffalo

Don Heacock is a lot of things. He’s just retired from 40 years as an aquatic biologist with the state Department of Land and Natural Resources. He’s an advocate for sustainable agriculture that cultivates things like yerba mate, awa and taro alongside tilapia aquaponic projects on his 25-acre Lihue farm, called Kauai Organic Agroecosystems.

It’s a long drive down a steep, dirt road to get to KOA Farm. A high, wooden bridge takes visitors out to the kalo, or taro, lo‘i, and to the food forest-style collection of avocado, rambutan, Thai longan, ulu, papaya, coconuts, macadamia nuts, banana — just to name a few.

Walk through the taro, past some fruit trees and habitats for Muscovy ducks and free-range chickens, and you’ll find Heacock’s new pride and joy, though: three water buffalo calves.

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New kind of litter

Gloves, masks and other personal protective equipment are accumulating on Kaua‘i shorelines, as well as places around the world. Surfrider Foundation’s local Hawai‘i chapters have joined the nationwide organization in a campaign to bring awareness to the fact that discarded PPE is adding to the plastic pollution on the world’s shorelines.

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Kauai Old Time Gathering

The floors of Koke’e Lodge were shaking in early November, as a crowd gathered in the mountains for the third annual Kauai Old Time Gathering, an event that boasted string bands from all over the country.

Dancers packed into the lodge in the evenings, practicing new steps and musicians wove through the rug-cutting to join jam sessions scattered all over the grounds.

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