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A Zebra for my Love

Steve Hust didn’t give his wife Debbie the usual gift of silver for their 25th wedding anniversary. There were no precious metals waiting in little boxes when the day arrived, no diamond pendants or silver rings. That’s because Debbie wanted something more exotic than silver to commemorate their 25 years together: a zebra. They searched… Continue reading A Zebra for my Love

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San Antonio Humane Society Celebrates 70 Years

San Antonio Humane Society is celebrating 70 years this October, and since the beginning the nonprofit has focused on providing the best level of care for animals and their new owners. From offering holistic pet services, managing medical services, to transporting and rescuing over 400 dogs and cats from affected areas during Hurricane Harvey, the… Continue reading San Antonio Humane Society Celebrates 70 Years

Laughing Albatross

The Awkward & Elegant Laysan Albatross

I've been able to see the Laysan Albatross in flight and on the ground, during nesting season on Kauai. It's incredible, the difference between their graceful movements in the air and the klutzy way they waddle on land!